Continuing work at the Cottage

14 09 2010

Managed to get some of the internal walls down over the weekend

Being a tight-arse I am trying to salvage as much of the wood as possible, so giving it a clout with a sledgehammer is not an option!

Search Engine – Duck Duck Go

11 07 2010


Giving the Duck Duck Go Search Engine a try.

Added it to Google Chrome and set it as the default.

Cheers for the heads up on this mark.

Just added to Firefox, time to spread the word…….

Enjoying the fruits of our labour…

27 06 2010

Lily enjoyed tucking into some fresh Strawberries from the garden

Lily enjoying Strawberries from the garden

Whilst Douglas is willing the tomato plants to grow

The rooftop potato’s are coming on nicely, had a good soak this evening as it’s been another hot day

Gardening fun

21 06 2010

I managed to get a little more done in the garden yesterday.

I finally got around to thinning /planting out some carrots seedlings and Katie planted out some pepper seedlings.

Let’s hope the slugs don’t get them!

Carrots, Courgettes, Peas and Sweetcorn

The Blueberry bush is doing well, hopefully be a good crop again this year

Blueberry bush

The Potatoes out the front of the house are doing well, I’ve managed to keep the slugs off these

Potatoes and Water butt

Selection of pepper seedlings KT planted out

Pepper seedlings

I need to pick up a grow bag tonight so I can plant out the tomato seedlings


We have a real bumper crop of Strawberries this year. Douglas and Lily are really enjoying picking and eating them.


What’s nice is the plants are all ripening at different times

Ripe strawberries

The Rooftop potatoes are also doing well. I’ve taken the chicken wire off the top of the tubs now (ever cat in the area decided they made a great place to shit) and the plants are now thriving!


Here’s a long-shot from upstairs in the house

Rooftop potatoes

As you can see we could have put more up there, but things are a bit up in the air at the moment as we maybe moving soon.

New ~/

21 06 2010

So this is going to be my new home for random blogging shite.

I’m going to keep putting guides / tech stuff over at and use this space for my personal stuff.