21 03 2011

at last I’ve managed to get some plasterboard up!

This is Douglas’ bedroom, I’ll move onto mine and Katie’s next.

Once that is done it will be onto the utility room, as the plan is to get some core rooms sorted so we can move in!

More photo’s over here

17 01 2011

Cottage Plans.

I meant to post these ages ago, but at last here they are.

We’ve not followed them exactly, as the upstairs measurements are wrong and would have resulted in walls going through windows!

Also worth mentioning that the room labled ‘Dining’ will in fact be the kids playroom.

The Utility room now has a door instead of a Window, and there is a laundry cupboard near the bedroom with the chimney stack.

Click for larger view.

Hardcore you know the score

23 09 2010

Hardcore,you know the score

Demolition Doug

14 09 2010

Demolition Doug


2 09 2010

Douglas and I had a walk and a forage over the weekend.

I’d kept a note of where some nice apple trees are from last year, so we went picking.

We also found another damson tree just down the road from us, we will be visiting that this weekend.

Harvest time

2 09 2010

Home-grown veg always tastes the best!

Englands future

11 07 2010

Douglas got himself inked up yesterday. He’s pretty proud of it!