21 03 2011

at last I’ve managed to get some plasterboard up!

This is Douglas’ bedroom, I’ll move onto mine and Katie’s next.

Once that is done it will be onto the utility room, as the plan is to get some core rooms sorted so we can move in!

More photo’s over here

Upstairs at the Cottage 16/03/2011

18 03 2011

Sorry the quality isn’t the best.

My new phone doesn’t like low-light levels.

Trailer Park Boys comes to Yarkhill

16 03 2011

Well Katie and I have come to the decision that we should site a static caravan at the cottage in Yarkhill, and rent out our house in Bishops Frome. Hopefully this will speed up the process of finishing the renovation work at the cottage. Found a few on eBay but transportation could be an issue. Katie is going to visit the caravan place at the top of Fromes Hill tomorrow.

Burn baby burn

16 03 2011


Men young and old all love a good bonfire!


17 01 2011

Well it’s been a busy few weeks at the cottage, but I feel things are really starting to move along now. I’ve had a few friends and family lend a hand, which has really helped. Many thanks guys, you know who you are!

So back to the Cottage, structurally most of the hard work has now been done.

Extension roof

The rear extension has been built, roof is on (but not tiled yet!), concrete floor is down but we are still waiting on doors and windows.

Obi likes the new floor

more floor more floor

Most of the first fix re-wiring has been done, but we are waiting on E-On to move the power-supply. Until they have done this there is one internal (that used to be external) wall that cannot be knocked down, and the roof to the new extension cannot be complete.

This week, much like last I will be concentrating on the stud partitioning and battening out the exterior walls reading for insulating and plater-boarding.

Upstairs studwork More upstairs studwork

More upstairs studwork More upstairs studwork

10 01 2011

Overview of work carried out on the ground floor.

Cottage Tour – Upstairs

10 01 2011

Tour of work upstairs – 29/12/2010