Door rennovation

4 10 2013

Back in late August i decided it was time to see what was beneath the 100+ years worth of paint and varnish on our doors at home.

I picked Dima’s door (it’s the first one come to going upstairs), unscrewed it from it’s frame and took it downstairs.

Lot’s of heat gun, scraping and sanding action followed. Dima, Doug and Ben all decided to lend a hand.
I also sanded down the hinges and repainted with a black chalk paint.

I’m really pleased with the results!

Heat Gun

Heat Gun

Door furniture

Ge‌tting there

touch of varnish

touch of varnish

Hinges back on

Hinges back on

All done

All done


4 10 2013


Sunset in Herefordshire

AccuWeather Desklet

19 09 2013

I’ve been playing around with some of the Desklets in Cinnamon, and stumbled across the AccuWeather Desklet.

It’s a nice looking desklet, and as a English man I am somewhat obsessed with the weather so I had to enable it.

The only downside is actually getting the thing to work for your location.

I live in Herefordshire in England, so I right clicked on the Desklet and selected Settings.


I entered Hereford in the Location box, and was presented with the weather for Hereford, AZ.

So I tried Hereford UK, Hereford GB, Hereford United Kingdom etc. All of these told me my location did not exist.

I then went to and searched for Hereford United Kingdom. I noted the the url changed to /gb/hereford/hr4-0/weather-forecast/322313 so I tried using hr4-0 and 322313 in the Location box but neither of these worked.

After much DuckDuckGoing I found the following:

This shows you all the location ID’s for places called Hereford, so I picked mine – EUR|UK|UK153|Hereford and entered it into the Location box and at last I have my weather feed fix!


So if you need to find your location for the AccuWeather desklet use the following URL and enter your location at the end

Hope this helps somebody else, if not it’s a good way of reminding myself come the next rebuild…..

Using sed to replace text in files

16 08 2012

This is more for my own memory banks (or lack of) but some may find it useful.

So i have 100’s of text files (html in may case) and I want to replace a string of text in each with a new string of text.

So I will use sed

sed -i ’s/oldtextgoeshere/newtextgoeshere/g’ *.html

That’s all folks


21 03 2011

at last I’ve managed to get some plasterboard up!

This is Douglas’ bedroom, I’ll move onto mine and Katie’s next.

Once that is done it will be onto the utility room, as the plan is to get some core rooms sorted so we can move in!

More photo’s over here

Feeding time at the zoo

18 03 2011

Reading drjnet’s blog reminded me of things parents have to do to get their kids to eat.

I present to you Robo Berbil (my son is obsessed with Thundercats) !

And Douglas’ after he added some Tomato Ketchup

Upstairs at the Cottage 16/03/2011

18 03 2011

Sorry the quality isn’t the best.

My new phone doesn’t like low-light levels.

Comic Relief

18 03 2011

Trailer Park Boys comes to Yarkhill

16 03 2011

Well Katie and I have come to the decision that we should site a static caravan at the cottage in Yarkhill, and rent out our house in Bishops Frome. Hopefully this will speed up the process of finishing the renovation work at the cottage. Found a few on eBay but transportation could be an issue. Katie is going to visit the caravan place at the top of Fromes Hill tomorrow.

Burn baby burn

16 03 2011


Men young and old all love a good bonfire!